Creating Your Own Brand



Do you own retail shops, a website, a wholesale/trade business in the sports nutrition industry, or even gym or fitness facility?

Have you considered owning your own nutritional supplement brand to offer your existing customers and clients?
We can offer you your own low cost brand under your own label to increase your profit margins and bring in extra money.

Substantially higher margins of profit than brand name products

No direct price wars over overly expensive low margin branded products

Stop competing with your competition on the major branded low profit margin brands

Freedom to create your own marketing plans

You will increase your sales

Retain your customers and create new ones

Reduce dependence on brand names for sales

Positions you better in a tight economy

You will not walk into other stores and see the same products that you sell on a shelf with a retail price lower than what you pay your distributor

After building customer loyalty for months, your customers won't turn around and order the same products from a large online store because they are only available from you!

What is involved in creating a private label?

It is a very simple process...
Contact us and tell us what products you might be interested in.
We will send you out samples of what you expressed interest in and we can work on a price point on each product that suits you financially.
You can either you design the label yourself or you can have our in-house creative services department design it for you. Once the label is agreed upon.
Sign off on the artwork, and we can have your NEW BRAND PRODUCTS ready to ship in 2 weeks.


Logo Label and Brand Design

We invite you to take the opportunity to actively take part in the creative process of designing your own labels or you can let our experienced team of designers handle every aspect of design for you.
You can simply send us the colour scheme and style of your already existing brand so that your product labels match your company's image perfectly. If you have any particular parameters in mind that you want us to go by, such as particular fonts or any other elements, we will let these guide the design process. Or perhaps you are just starting out as a new supplement company and need a strong sharp looking brand identity, such as a logo, label or entire brand developed.
We can also help you create the perfect trademark that best communicates your company’s vision.
Don’t take our word for it and see for yourself! Here are some examples of the high calibre of label design we produce for our clients. As you can see, our design team is highly skilled and is able to create an exclusive label for you that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Other Services we offer to help you positition and promote your brand (among others) are:

  • Logo Design

  • Label Design

  • Business Cards

  • Flyers

  • Brochures

  • Posters and Banners

  • Shrink Sleeve Labels

  • T-Shirts and Baseball Caps

  • Web Design (See Web Design Services)

  • Web Site Banners and Images

  • Product Packaging

  • and more...

If you are interested in any of the above referenced services, please contact us at:


Choosing Your Supplements

Making that decision as to what products to start off with in your new brand is a difficult one, maybe you would like to start off with the full core range of sports performance products or you might like to start off with focusing your attention on one product to begin with and add more products as your business grows.
The team at carry over 50 stock formula products. These in house formulation products are tried and tested and have sold very well for our customers to date and they could take a lot of the guess work out of your decision making.
However we primarily specialise in custom formulations, we would be more than happy working with you to create unique once off formulations that suit you and your customer’s needs.

Please Choose From One Of Our Product Catagories

Custom Formulations

One of the best aspects of custom formulation is being able to work to a price point that you the client is happy with. We can produce the purest whey protein isolates available, or create a cost effective protein blend formulation that allows you open up your profit margins a little more. We can formulate whatever you would like. We use the best flavour houses in Europe to flavour our powders and our products are known for their signature great taste.


Your Brand. Your Logo. Your Label.


To start the process off just email us with your enquiry at
Or phone into the sales team Phone+353 89 215 7245.
Remember that all enquiries are welcome, there is no job too big or small for us. If you are looking for a price quotation we will be happy to offer you one over the phone or by email.


If you have an existing brand and you would simply like to have your brand design freshened up a little by us, or you are starting off in the business and you want an original concept brand design with eye catching logo to help make your products pop off the shelves. We can help.
We appreciate all the input you can give us to aid in the creative design process of making you a successful brand design, logo and label. If you have a colour scheme in mind or a font style of a basic idea which we can work off. Let us know. The artwork will be ready in 2 weeks and we are happy to make all suitable amendments to it once we send you the first draft.


  • We have the choice of over 50 stock formula products on offer
  • We will create any custom formulation you like
  • We can work to meet your price point and tailor the brand to your needs