Design Process

Total Brand Creation

The design team at have over 15 years of experience producing labels and fresh contemporary artwork for the sports nutrition industry. We have launched many successful brands into marketplace and we know what it takes to produce a winning label.
Our brand designs always convey quality and we try to tie the label and logo into the exact market the customer is targeting. Overlooking brand design is a common error when it comes new customers entering the Sports Performance end of nutrition products. It’s crucially important your brand concept is presented in a fashion that looks professional, contemporary and upscale.
Once you have proofed the label style and layout and you are happy, we will move on to creating a uniform look across the whole range, so you have a sharp looking brand to roll out into the market.
The main label design and theme will very much so be dictated by your target end consumer. We will strive to create a label and brand concept balance within the main label that has a fresh look, contrasting colours, and a unique edge to it. That will allow your brand stand out from the rivals on the shelf.